Is he bitter because he cares?

I broke up with my fiancé a few months ago after I found out he was flirting with a girl on-line (they never did meet up just IM chat) but I was hurt by the whole thing I ended it. He begged me not to break things off but I did anyways.

After it became an official break-up he refuses to talk to me AT ALL..he'll only text me or e-mail me about our son but won't say hi in his messages dry and to the point. Now he's approaching my friends (who are in relationships) making random conversation when he never did in the past while we were together...

Is he being silent with me out of spite...or does that mean he still cares? Why is he approaching my friends all of a sudden but not my best friend which he was also close with?


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  • He's silent because you didn't let him have his way - to milk two cows, so he is spiteful and grouchy. I have no idea why he might be approaching your friends, but he could be having some sort of a plan. If I were you, I'd be watchful