Dilemma: Should I still make the trip or not?

Early this year: Met a guy off a social media app (not a dating app), we live ~2 hours apart by car. He was the sweetest and most genuine person I'd ever met (or so I thought at the time). We met in person once (in March) and haven't met up since because he was going through a lot - looking for a job, looking and then moving to a new place in a new city, etc. - which caused him to go into very depressive modes pretty frequently.

3 weeks after meeting in person, I felt him pushing me away. Because of his complicated life, he said we should be good friends and hold on until things get better. He removed me from a couple chat apps after and I'd hear from him sporadically here and there </3

3 weeks later... he re-added me and we started talking more frequently again. It feels different this time because he's been feeling even more depressed

Now, one month later, I told him I'd take a drive to see him next weekend. I still don't know what we are but I've just been considering us as good friends. He's still been going through very crappy situations and I just wanted to make him smile again because I really care about him and I'm his happy place (well, at least, I was previously). We talked about it yesterday and he said how he was very excited to see me again, etc.

This morning, I checked my messages (on the app we met on) and I saw he just posted about looking for "hot and willing girls nearby".

I'm in quite a dilemma right now... Part of me is considering just canceling my trip and not even telling him. I'm not so much hurt, but more so, angry. However, at the same time, part of me still wants to see him to just catch up, see how he's doing, and talk things out in person.
I really can't decide :/
What would you do if in my situation? Any suggestion or advice welcomed.
Dilemma: Should I still make the trip or not?
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