Girlfriend shows no affection, do I walk?

Been dating my girlfriend for 6 months, first 3 was like a dream. So much fun, laughs & happiness. Now only 3 months later i wonder what it all was.

Now i'm the only ones who initiates anything, a kiss, a hug, i'll write her sweet notes with her lunch, under her pillow, buy her flowers.

Im not talking about sex, am talking about just hugging & shit, that feels good & i like showing my love for her in that way. Now i feel like she ain't interested in all that at all... i tried hug her she looks awkward and would rather be on her phone or watching a tv show.

She tells me she loves me often and when i talked to her about it, she cried and said she really loves me and that she is just different to me. But in the first 3 months she was just like me.

Am confused, the talking to her didn't change anything. Actually no she put my phone on charge for me one day last week which was probably the sweetest thing she did for me.

Anyone with some good input would be appreciated , thanks
Girlfriend shows no affection, do I walk?
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