Facebook Prank & ghost for a weekend?

My boyfriend (soon to be ex perhaps) and I've been together for 8 months. I had my doubts about his loyalty because he was too secretive with his phone, never invited me to his place nor introduced me to his parents. So I decided to make a fake Facebook profile of a girl who I made out to be from his neighborhood and messaged him. He fell for it and gave his number out, said he had no girlfriend for 2 years and wanted to meet this fake girl. When I confronted, he said he knew it was a prank because the profile was new and he knew it was me. He's begging for another chance. Also, last weekend he was a ghost and I didn't know where he was all Saturday night until Sun afternoon when he texts me and said he slept over his friends house. I dont know what to do. Please help
Facebook Prank & ghost for a weekend?
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