He says he loves me, but keeps ignoring me?

Hi, so my boyfriend keeps telling me he loves me. We're happy when we are together. But when we're apart, he messages me. I reply, but sometimes when I ask a question he doesn't answer. I've told him it upsets me, and he apologised and said he will work on it, and he felt bad he'd upset me. But now he has done it again. I don't see how he could possibly love me, when he keeps ignoring me. Especially now that he knows it upsets me. I'm thinking of dumping him - I don't want to, as I do love him. But I don't want to be upset all the time either. The only other solution I can think of is telling him not to message me at all anymore. That would mean that sometimes we wouldn't speak for a week, but at least I wouldn't be getting ignored. Are there any other ways around this? Or is it better to just end it, because if he's ignoring me then I don't matter to him?
He says he loves me, but keeps ignoring me?
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