If a girl tells you she likes hanging out with you, what does that mean?

I basically asked this girl after a couple of dates, that I like her, and I like to hang out with her, and asked her how she felt, whether it was at all the same way cause I don't want to keep asking her out if she doesn't. She just responded with a short answer, "I like to hang out with you = ) " wtf am I supposed to take that as, I know she is slower than most girls at deciding instantly whether or not she likes a guy and so what I'm wondering is, do I take this as she just wants to be friends, or should I keep hanging out with her and maybe make a move a little later and see if she wants a relationship type deal in a little bit. or is this 100% I'm effed and she only wants to be friends. she told me once like last week when I asked her if she thought me asking her to do things were dates or friends and she said friends, but that we never know what can happen later.. so I'm guessing she wants to take it super slow, I don't know.


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  • She's still feeling it out. Continue to be yourself and making opportunities for the two of you to hang out. Even if she thought your past "dates" were between friends, if she's saying anything can happen later, the door is far from closed.

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