Say Sorry? or just Move On?

Things are very awkward between myself and a coworker, We used to be just work friends, texting, a bit of flirting but I asked her out and things got awkward... She didn't give me a clear answer, and later I found out she had a boyfriend.

I cannot read this girl, I want to believe she is a good person and I just misread things... Maybe she doesn't know I have feelings.

But it seems like she likes attention, gossiping, is a fake person, manipulative, I'm not sure if girls are just like this in general, or I just met a bad girl. She probably knows I like her.(She vented even about her boyfriend to me)

I have mixed feelings and am conflicted. I don't know what to think.

I really want to apologize for the tension, I should have never liked a coworker, and I should have been cool even if she didn't want to date (I was confused at the time)
and at least I can move on knowing I tried to properly get closure...(I had 2 botched attempts at this already)

Or I can assume that she knows I like her, lead me on, is not very smart and it's just better to cut my loses and move on. Which I really hate assuming things, and it kills me to accept she is a bad girl.
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I really want to set things right
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I'm confused
Say Sorry? or just Move On?
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