I need help understanding this. Does he still have feelings for me?

I met this guy online almost 8 months ago and I started catching feelings for him. He seemed he felt the same way. Then the long distance issues came, like missunderstandings and such and he decided we should better stop our thing before we will grow to hate each other, saying that he wants to remember our good times. We remained 'friends' afterwards, friends who talk every 2 or 3 days and still flirt with each other a little. I still love him but I don't know what he feels or what he thinks of this. He seems so laid back and casual about this situation as if he doesn't even care. Now it's been 4 days since we last talked, I don't want to text him because I want to see when he will actually start to miss me, but I miss him so bad. It's never been this much between our conversations and I'm confused. I don't understand how he can let go so easily, just because long distance is hard. He tells me he still cares about me and still will and to 'expect a text from him even 5 years from now', but I don't get this. How can he go so long without talking to me, how can he go from talking daily for 7 months to just casually chat every 3 or 4 days. What do you guys think? Why does he still want to keep in touch with me if he seems like he doesn't care anymore and can let days pass by without talking to me?
I need help understanding this. Does he still have feelings for me?
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