HOW do I stop being delusional about a boy?

Disclaimer*** read the entire question first and please PLEASE attempt to give a proper serious answer, or I will report it. I'm already tired and sick of short sarcastic responses to serious questions I have.

There is a really popular boy in my school and he is one of the hottest guys in school, captain of the football team, all that. He is always surrounded by girls and his boys and way too popular to ever look at anyone outside of that circle. I don't know why, but from the very first day that I moved to this school (BEFORE I knew he was this big guy), I always saw him staring at me or glancing at me and I thought maybe he liked me. But look, I'm incredibly average. He doesn't even know my name. Those times I caught him watching me, maybe he was just looking around. Maybe the poor boy was just zoning out. I told all my friends I like him and I told some of them about the weird encounters we had and whenever they assume that I'm saying he likes me, they look at me like I'm crazy. It's such an unrealistic situation and I know looking at someone doesn't really prove anything, but because I like him too, I overanalyze everything he does but get this: I feel like by this point, it is actually IMPOSSIBLE for me to stop believing that he likes me. Even if he DID like me (was possibly staring at me) it would be for my looks (which aren't all that great) and I still have some pathetic fantasies that he remembers the way I laugh, do things etc. Like HE WOULD GIVE A SHIT. How do I seriously stop being delusional?
HOW do I stop being delusional about a boy?
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