Relationship and Dating?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up recently. we were best friends before we started dating. I lied to him about my past, saying that I had kissed my ex-boyfriends when I had never kissed anyone. He got to k ow about the lie and we fought for that. He used to get angry at the tiniest of tiny things. Like if I didn't pay attention to him or I was talking to somebody else and not, etc. He used to stalk me on all my social medias and I didn't like that. It creeped me out but I never told him that. After findinf out about the lie, we fought and he broke up with me. After breaking up he said we'd still say best friends, because I was his only girl best friend. A week after the break up, he asked about the lie again and he decided to end our friendship itself. He insulted me by calling me a f****** b****, a f****** liar, dumbf*** and shitface. He also told me that I looked like I had come from the the slums.

I'm determined to get over him because I can't take such insults to myself. I accept and agree the fact that I lied to him and I regret it everyday. But I don't agree to the fact that he should have insulted me like this for a lie. I have never insulted him anytime in our relationship even though we dated for a month and half. We have the same group of friends and after uni starts it'll be difficult for us. I'm not going to leave my fiends for him and he won't do it either.

What do I do? How I get over him? Please help.
Relationship and Dating?
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