Guys please!! Please, I have a problem!!! At least have a look?

My brother is very, very bossy. I can't stand him anymore.

He practically runs the house and he thinks that it is a good reason that gives him the right of behave rudely, without respect, kinda in a dictatorship.

I'm very sweet, kind and I always try to be helpful, so since he's older and bigger (he's 6'1 and I'm between 5'2 and 5'3), I really don't have the nuts to speak loudly anymore and to show my disappointment. My father was abusive and violent and my brother is becoming a way lighter version than him. Once he also beat me and I angrily said to me if he wanted to do the same to his children or his future wife and he stopped. However he continues to bossy me around, to be unrespectful and aggressive with words and mean attitude towards me and I'm always kind and there for him, because I love him. He's my brother!!! But I don't know what do do anymore with him. I'm tired. I work, study and take care of the house and he continuously stress me out, gives me other things to do ( Wash his car, clean his apartment, cook, plus he's unrespectful and he always questions my decision, my behaviour and my friends. And I mean I'm a good girl, I never had a boyfriend and my friends are normal!) He's making me feel insecure and the way he behaves towards me is making me hate the male species and I don't want that!!! AT ALL! With him and my father... I'm really losing faith. And yes, my mother doesn't say a thing. What should I do?

(Sorry I know it isn't the right section but I need help by as much as possible!) Thanks a lot.
Guys please!! Please, I have a problem!!! At least have a look?
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