Am I her second choice? Should I wait and see?

So I met a girl online through a mutual friend. I live in Texas and she's in Idaho.
We talked for a couple weeks over the phone and recently I traveled to Idaho and visited her because I will be attending college there in 2 months and figured I could visit the school and her at the same time.
I spent a week there and stayed at her place with her family (both in our early 20s).
We both knew we liked eachother but she told me she had went on a couple dates with a guy the week before I got there and didn't expect anything to come of it.
Well.. it did and even though they aren't officially a couple they hang out daily now.
She told me that she wants to see where we are at when I do move there in 2 months because she really likes me.

Part of me wants to keep talking to her and see where things go while another part of me feels like if she really did like me as much as she says then she would handle the 2 months of being apart till I can be there.
So... am I a second choice? Or is the fact that I don't live there too much of a risk for her in her mind?
Also, Im tempted to being completely honest and tell her that I would love to give it a shot but that I won't be a second choice. I just don't know if that's too forward or outputting. I just want her to know I won't be a backup plan if that's what she is planning.
Am I her second choice? Should I wait and see?
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