I should pay for the next date?

im dating this guy we have been out to dinner twice, on the second date he asked when am i taking him to dinner. all my guy friends have said no do not pay for the next day. I have not slept with him at all they are saying that taking a woman out and getting to know her is part of working for her attention. i noticed the younger friends i have are telling me to pay for the next date. i really dont feel like it was gentleman for him to insist that i should pay for the next date. i have never had to pay for a dinner until i got into a boyfriend girlfriend relationship with a guy and we began to take turns. he does try to pressure me into sex with him but im not taking it there.
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I've dated men who told me it is offensive for a woman to offer to pay. So i guess maybe it depends on the man?
I should pay for the next date?
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