Why does he do this to me?

this guy and I have been hooking up (having sex) for almost a month now. I really don't see it going anywhere, but who knows right?

we haven't seen each other in a week because I went away last weekend. Tuesday he asked me to hang out---i was out already. He told me to text him after work on wed.---i did and he was a complete jerk (pretty sure he was drunk), and we called back and forth for like 2 hours (we answered each other each time, but then it just ended up being too late, and I was just kinda fed up). He told me to "hit him up" after work on Thursday (I work at a restaurant so my hours are late), so I did, but then I ended up going to the movies (I was trying to give him a taste of his own medicine). So Friday he calls me and asks me to hang out, but I was already out in the city...so he asked me what I was doing Saturday and I told him I was going to a concert...so he said OK "hit me up the day after that". So I did. I said hey what's up? and he answered and asked me what I was up to and I answered. Then I asked him what are you doing tn? And he never answered...

We've had some really fun nights together (not just sex wise). Like we joke around, he holds my hand, kisses me randomly, we take walks together, drive around for hours together...like it's really chill and fun.

Why does he keep telling me to make plans with him and then only sometimes comes through? Why would he text/call me if he didn't really want to hang out? He's really being a pain in my a*s =)

he texted me last night after he got done with hockey, and asked me to hang out. I said I couldn't cause I was talking to a friend from school who was upset, and he said "whatever you're gay". good god...he knows how to make me mad


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  • Sounds to me he might be a pain in the ass for a few more ladies lol and not just yours. If he makes plans with you and breaks them off then he's probably getting poo naner from somewhere else. Cause if a guy is getting good sex from you then he's going to keep the plans to have good sex with you, unless he's getting sex from someone else that night.


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  • ...he wants to hang out with you, get to know you more, but you keep doin' other stuff...so he's kinda thinkin' you're a pain in his butt too...either be serious about him, and MAKE time...BOTH of you...or just cut him off...for real.

    • P.S...this is why you don't just f*** any1...hope you learned your lesson yo.

    • Haha you can't judge me for that if I'm completely ok with hooking up with him. I go back to school soon. this is pure fun.

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