Are these red flags or did I dump him for no reason?

I met a guy online and he lives two states away. I was planning to take a vacation to his state anyways next year but he wanted me to come sooner. he claimed he wanted a long distance relationship with me.
here are the red flags I got from him.
after I got involved and started opening up to him...
1. he told me he was going to hang out with an old high school friend but when he got there he wouldn't be on his phone or facebook till the next day after he left.
2. he asked me if I was bisexual and I told him no and explained why.
3. he randomly told me he's dated more than one female before at the same time. I asked him if that's what he's doing now he said no. Then said if he wanted to he would ask me first but he already knows what the answer to that would be. and I said "yeah I think you do know the answer to that. " and he said "no right?"
4. he made an assumption and told me he can tell I'm the jealous type.
5. then he said he only hangs out and talks to women and not men.

please tell me I'm not crazy for dumping him. and when I was going to put the relationship Status on fb he told me not to tag him in it.

now tell me, am I losing my mind or did I do the right thing?
Are these red flags or did I dump him for no reason?
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