He lives in another country?

The guy I've been dating the last few weeks is going back to the states to finish his degree. He told me he is coming back home in December when he is done for good. He came home for a break we met and instantly clicked. We've had lots of dates since but I'm actually quite sad that he is leaving in a few days and feel like there's no point in us seeing each other now.

Its going to be months before I see him and were only at getting to know each other stage and he's leaving ☹️ I feel for me cause I already like him maybe it's best not to talk to eachother but don't want to be mean and say that to him. He doesn't go a hour without saying something to me and most days he is with me so it's been intense.

Any ideas on what to do? Have you ever started dating then the person has gone long distance?
He lives in another country?
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