From online dating to meetup?

Prepare for Wall of text..

So I've talked to this girl through an online dating site, we talked a few days. I got her number then we talked there, we setup a date on a Wednesday afternoon. The plan is to just walk around the park and talk, and maybe get a coffee.

Then just a few hours before the date, she texts me a says she have to work over. So we reschedule for a week later. Then the same thing, she has to work over and says that any day works but this and she suggests that we meetup the next day. I say that I have to check first, as I had plans with a friend. Then I say Ok. She even asks to move it a half hour earlier to 17:30.

So then come Thursday and again! A few hours before, just as I am about to leave from work. She says that she completely forgot about her dinner with the family and relatives. And she swears that she is not doing this on purpose and that in the future she will double check her calendar.

I wait a few hours to reply, and say "I don't know what to say, but I ain't happy! This is the third time. I even canceled my plans for you!". On which I was sure that she send again that she was sorry. But she didn't she hasn't replied anything after that.

Note that she has been quite interested and we both been flirty, also sending some pictures of each other.

My question is, was I to harsh? Should I just have simply made a joke about it and maybe take it on the date. But how much can you take? Shouldn't I show that I won't take all your 'shit'?
From online dating to meetup?
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