Guys, does it sound like he likes me?

So long story cut kinda short: I've known him since I was about 12 (now 19 & he is now 25), he is one of my brothers long term friends (brother is 24), I've always had a positive relationship with him growing up (we shared a lot of holiday dinners together at eachothers houses, went out & did stuff with my brother and his friends when i was a little older, he'd always come over to my house etc.)...

i moved out of state when i was 17 for college. We stayed in touch but weren't very close. recently on a trip i made back home to visit my brother we hooked up & had a really awesome weekend. i went back home & we stayed in touch via snap chat, fb, Skype, & text... i flew out to see him a month later. we had another awesome weekend together. everytime we're together we do so much awesome stuff... we eat at fancy resteraunts, have awesome sex, and just go out and do stuff. on the last trip i brought up what he thought of us & he just said i don't know but it gives me anxiety thinking about putting a label on us... he isn't in a relationship & got out of a long term relationship in January. he has told me multiple times that he is only seeing me & isn't going to see anyone but i told him that i wouldn't want to continue seeing him if he didn't see the possibility for more... he just said that i don't have to see him. i'm flying out to see him in a month & i'm going to see how it goes before i buy another ticket to see him in August. (he also buys my tickets etc.) but after that talk he seemed to kinda shut down... he doesn't seem as "all over me" as before and is kinda cold sometimes.

i don't know if I said something wrong. he still flirts with me on snapchat/text often but i asked him about flying out in August & asked him when he was free so i could buy a ticket to visit & he just said I don't know it's your life...
i feel like he just doesn't want to see me anymore?
no he doesn't
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Guys, does it sound like he likes me?
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