Did I make the right decision to turn him down?

Very attractive guy, loyal to girlfriends, takes women out and dates them properly despite being offered casual sex, charming, romantic, insanely clever etc. Where I'm from finding guys with even one of these traits is hard. On the negative side - he's a manager where I work and can be rude/demeaning to new/inexperienced staff; can be lazy; flippantly and publicly derides ex girlfriends 'she used to hit me' and 'she wasn't good enough for me'; rates girls consistently out of 10 and complains of hardly ever seeing 10s (I am not a 10 but neither is he); when he has a problem he bottles it up and acts with contempt/won't speak to me instead of openly discussing it/telling me what I've done wrong; he told his ex she couldn't have male friends. Is this workable or am I overreacting about his negatives given his positives? When you have strong feelings for someone it clouds your judgement.
Did I make the right decision to turn him down?
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