Friends or more?

I met a guy about 6 months ago. We got really drunk and slept together. Over the following two months we started hanging out with each other and seeing each other quite a lot and texting a lot. We had an instant connection - i felt like I had known him forever.
I then discovered he had a long distance girlfriend the whole time. I confronted him and said I would stop seeing him. We where both very upset, it was clear at this point how strong our feeling were for each other. Our last phone conversation we just cried on the phone at the thought of not seeing each other again.
I could only bare not speaking to him for about 4 days before I agreed that I would see him but we would just be friends. This was fine but then we started sleeping together again. We got closer and closer. I cannot even put into words the intensity of our connection and relationship it is so strong. We are completely obsessed with each other. Once our relationship started to feel like we where boyfriend and girlfriend (staying at each others house 3-4 times a week, spending all our free time together, making plans for the future, helping each other through any problems) I started to feel really uncomfortable about the girlfriend. He never spoke about her but I knew they had seen each other a couple of times, but sometimes when she was in the city he wouldn't see her and spend time with me instead. He started telling me he loved me.
I confronted him about it and told him how much it was hurting me. He was completely shocked and upset that it hurt me as he thought I didn't care. But then proceeded to tell me that me and him are just best friends! He will openly kiss me in public etc so it is not like he is embarrassed of me or anything or even trying that hard to hide it. He gets angry when other guys chat me up or text me. I don't know what to do, I really don't want to loose him. I mean that just doesn't seem like an option. Why is he so scared to commit to me and why is he still with her?

Friends or more?
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