Why was I just blocked?

So, I've been talking talking to this guy for past several weeks right? He seemed beyond interested from good morning texts/calls, snapchats, face timing, etc. We planned to go on our first date today (I just graduated from my program and he already works an 8-5) so you can tell we've been super busy lol. I was just talking to him last night before I went out and usually when I say "ok goodnight." Is when he seems tired and he tends to fall asleep on me or just to say goodnight because I know he has work early. So, I was out with friends last night and I just got off the phone with him and he BLOCKED and off all social media and phone number... Last thing I told him was "Im beyond excited to see you!" And he same "No no I am!" And then I logged onto Snapchat to find out I was blocked, I tried calling him it said "this number isn't in service, goodbye." I called him off my friends phone, and he answered. Did I do something? (He's also been single for three years, if that helps)
Why was I just blocked?
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