What the heck is up with this girl?

Long story short I went on date with a girl who I met up on OKC (a sin right there). We went out for some nice sushi diner and enjoyed most of the night (no sex).

At the end of the date I suggest I drop her off. She was rather keen on it, until we approached my car. After taking a look at my car she made up some bullshit excuse and took a Uber back home. Funny thing is that she thought my car was a randomly parked BMW M2 that just parked near my truck. But it was the truck that was my car.

I was pretty dumb found to be honest, I drive a 2016 Chevy Colorado Z71 package. The other thing is that my truck is my personal/work truck as I do plumbing as such there were my company branding on the truck. Funny thing is that I'm a co-owner of a Plumbing company at 24 years, so that's pretty nifty.

In the end I don't understand why woman are rather so materialistic? Me and her have no longer spoken. Later that night she texted saying she had a great time but I'm not a guy for her. Which is better for me because I'm a simple guy and don't like shit like that. I have no doubt the night would have ended differently if it was indeed my M2. But in the end I'm a simple guy and happy with shit I have.

So what's your input on this?
What the heck is up with this girl?
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