Is it bad that I'm planning to marry a younger woman when I get older?

At the moment I am 25, I work as an engineer, and my goal is to build a very succesful career. Eventough a lot of people are pressuring me into settling down, especially my parents, I'm really not planning to do so anytime soon. A lot of my friends from university and coworkers are getting married and having kids and I see how much they get held back. One of my biggest fears at the moment is to fall in love with a girl and lose focus. Which is why I have kept my relationships rather short.
I dont really see myself getting married and having kids until I am at least 35. But when I do I plan to only marry a younger woman, perhaps in the 20-23 range. The reason being is that it gives me an additional 10-15 years of my wife staying young and fit and it is biologically around the ideal age for a woman to produce healthy offspring.
I am pretty optimistic about this because from personal experience, a lot of girls in their early 20s love older men. Granted there are some that are disgusted by it, but quite a few woman prioritze intellect, status and achievements over looks.

Is this a bad thing, does it make me bad person? Instead of settling down now with a young woman my age, I plan on waiting it out till I am hopefully a lot more succesful but still choose a younger woman instead of a same age woman when I am 35-40.
And sort of have both.

Is it bad that I'm planning to marry a younger woman when I get older?
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