How do you enjoy your singleness and avoid loneliness?

I feel like I'm 50/50 when it comes to my singleness, I don't necessarily love it but I don't hate it either. There are times where I really wish I was in a relationship, however there aren't times where I'm happy that I'm not in one. My main reason for being single is just finding it hard to meet guys, I'm not into online dating as it just makes me feel uncomfortable even though my past relationship started from online. I think it also doesn't help that I'm interested in men that are older men but not surrounded by them.

My loneliness comes from not have regular frequent people in my life, so even though I have a handful of friends , I don't really see them that often. I end up feeling quite lonely and at times its hard to deal with as if like someone to grab a coffee with, go shopping, talk to on the phone or go check out a new place/activity.

How do you find being single?
If you struggle/struggled with loneliness how do/did you deal with it?
How do you enjoy your singleness and avoid loneliness?
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