I have a boyfriend but I'm into another guy... am I being stupid?

To start off, I'm a junior in high school. I've been dating a guy in my grade for nearly 6 months (we'll call him S) now. I went into this relationship extremely realistically, knowing it wouldn't last forever. And don't get me wrong, he is a really stand up guy who does his absolute best to make me happy. He's constantly checking on me and making sure I'm okay. But recently I've found myself not wanting this relationship anymore. I like him, but not the relationship.

In the meantime, during this year I've gotten closer with a senior guy (let's call him F). He's an equally stand up guy who I met in class. F & I have been calling each other "brother & sister" and joking around, but I found myself developing feelings for him during the school musical. He & I began Snapchatting all the time which has turned into a mix of Snapchat & texting. Our moms are friends and when we're together, we laugh & joke & play tease each other. We have more in common than my boyfriend & I do, but I feel bad for liking him
when I'm not available. Additionally, I don't even know if F sees me in this light. Especially when he's going to college in a few short months.

I know a problem as small as this shouldn't be messing with my head, but it's been taking over my mind for a month now. Any piece of advice helps. Do I stay with S? Do I see what happens with F? Again, anything is helpful. The answer might be obvious to all of you, but I clearly can't see it right now. Thanks in advance!!
I have a boyfriend but I'm into another guy... am I being stupid?
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