Am I over analyzing him or does it seem like I'm actually wasting my time?

So, I've been getting to know or dating this boy since March & in the beginning he'd always send me cute emojis & call me baby girl, he'd always say he missed me & just basically showing interest in me but now all of that has pretty much stopped, it takes him longer to text back & he doesn't send me the cute emojis or call me baby anymore, he'll still text gm & text me first or reply back, but he just doesn't seem to be as into me as he was before. We went out & he said he had a great time & wants to see me again & but I can't help but to feel like I may be wasting my time. I'm so used to guys at least by this time knowing what they want & rather or not I'm it, I understand were just meeting BUT he's gotta have some idea, right? Yeah, he's sweet opens the car door for me & closes it, makes sure I get home safe, kisses me or teases me when we were together we had fun, he compliments me ETC. he says he's not getting to know anyone else & he said if he's losing interest in me he'd tell me & he doesn't play games. I have brought it up as a joke about the cute texts stopping & he doesn't see what I'm talking about he said "you're still my baby" but I think I'm just used to guys being all over me. Its like I feel like maybe he's settling with me bc he knows I'm available & I'm into him.. until someone better comes along & he'll drop me lol cuz its like he's not giving it his all anymore but then again I think maybe I'm over thinking it? I'm just afraid I may be wasting my time he says I'm not but I still feel like I am wtf!!! Is it true that once a guy has "won" the girl over does he really just stop doing all the cute stuff? I just want opinions of what you guys think, maybe I'm childish, maybe I just need to chill I mean I'm not clingy towards him we have our space but I just don't wanna waste my time is all. Any thoughts? Thanks!
SN: We both were in school when we met over social media & just met in person Mon he wants to see me again tomorrow.
Am I over analyzing him or does it seem like I'm actually wasting my time?
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