What's up with this relationship? I s this normal?

I have been dating my boyfriend for eight months. Things have been well except for the things below I feel that there is not much effort or prioritization of our relationship on his end.

Here are some concerns:
I always go to visit him in his town or at his place and we only live 45 min apart. Handful of times he has come to me or we meet halfway.
We only see each other once a week and sometimes only a few hours a week.
We have not spent a whole weekend together in 8 months of dating
Will not call me on the phone.
He is logical and analytical so that is why he does not verbally express his emotions according to him. Every time I bring up a concern I have about our relationship or how I am feeling my boyfriend says he feels he has to defend himself or be defensive.
Work, family, friends and sports come before our relationship
I plan most dates. He did in the beginning and then as we got more serious became lazy and didn't make an effort anymore.

I talked to him about majority of above issues and many of them are unresolved. Besides the above everything is going well and I have met and spent time with his family and friends. There is a long list of good qualities and nice times we have had together. I

So, am I the only one making this relationship a priority? How have you dealt with the things above? Most importantly is the above normal for the amount of time we have been dating?

What's up with this relationship? I s this normal?
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