Guy I like thinks I'm shy, Help?

I've been close with a guy for 7 months now we both like each other, work in same job, we have made out few times at my house & in his car, we have went out twice, he gives me rides home sometimes, we flirt talk of family, interests, plans for future, last time a long time we went out to eat at a place he mentioned how I don't talk much @work, he said he's not like that he talks a lot but he used to be shy
still he pursued me textd me, stares at me, gets jealous of my guy friends, I used to have 2 guy friends at work I would talk to slit but they quit.
I used to be horribly shy but now things are 90% better and I'm less shy & talk more. But at work I talk to a few people throughout the day with small talk but most people ik quit.
At work he saw me alone while a group of people I work with were talking. That job is sorta like highscool with cliques & im not close with them.
He went with that group to talk & texted me saying how I don't talk much @work, then I have him long explanation how everyone's different some talk more than others, get along with different people, the ones I was close to quit, etc.
yesterday we were flirting all day actually and the day before that we were texting all day about random things, & with him in person I do talk & flirt we have even been very physical touching grinding. He doesn't flirt in person he's shy to do that only in text.
Y does he keep asking me this? I don't think I'm shy with him though. But I'm content with myself right now things are better in my life and I do go out and interact with people and not feel nervous in my daily life.
I don't like gossip & have few good friends at work n talk with them alone or discreetly. I happen to talk to people while I'm working certain times in the day but he happens to not be there so, one shud not sssume or judge.
Guy I like thinks I'm shy, Help?
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