Good girl done wrong?

Why do men treat me so badly? I'm a kind person and a good mother, I'm always trying to help others. My first boyfriend was physically, emotionally and financially abusive over 4 years, he also cheated on me with a close friend. My second boyfriend was also unfaithful and extremely controlling. I ended my relationship with my sons father after I discovered he was using drugs, he then became emotionally and physically abusuve towards me. After 2 years out of the dating game I decided to try again. I met a lovely man with a good career and what seemed to be good values. He seemed different to the others, really thoughtful and kind. I've just discovered he's blocked me after it seemed to be going so well. I don't think I'm clingy, I rarerly get jealous and I'm very independent. I'm financially secure and have my own career. I'm starting to feel like I will never be treated right by a male partner. I don't understand why this has happened to me repeatedly, can anyone advise on what I'm doing wrong?
Good girl done wrong?
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