Is it bad if the guy I'm seeing is A LOT like me? We have so many of the same characteristics and interests?

I've read and heard that it's not good to find someone just like you. What comes to mind is that Seinfeld epidsode in which he meets a woman just like him and first thinks wow! She's just like me!! But then as the show progresses he realizes he can't stand it, and I says why would he want someone just like him when he can't stand himself or something. And overall it became boring.
That said, I met a guy months and months ago. Through talking and getting to know each other, he's seriously the male version of me, and I'm not just seeing this because I want to. Our music taste is the exact same down to almost every song within an artist's making, we can pick up on the same aspects that are good and bad; our favorite authors, tv shows, and movies are really alike. If I mention it, he has seen it and loves it too. And he isn't lying. I see him like posts on Facebook and it's as if I could have liked every single one of those posts. I even visited a page and predicted which ones he would like before I scrolled down to see if he did, and I was always spot on. Our brains are like the same. We are both very introverted and our days probably mimic one another's. I mean, even our eyes are the same. We both like our coffee black. Our old cats were put to sleep the same year. We view humanity and civilization the same way. How we act around people is the same. There was a song by an artist I liked in particular, and one specific lyric within that song was my absolute favorite. I remember thinking omg this is the greatest lyric ever (it was an 80's song, not popular by the artist at all, and nobody has ever heard it that I've known). I was searching through his old Facebook posts and saw he quoted that exact lyric line years ago as a post bc he must have thought it was genius too. I was honestly spooked. I really do fancy the guy. So I don't know... is this a good thing we have so much similarities? There are many I haven't mentioned as well.
Is it bad if the guy I'm seeing is A LOT like me? We have so many of the same characteristics and interests?
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