Should I wait for her?

There's this girl I've been crushing on for almost a year. Ever since I saw this girl, I knew I would fall for her, I've felt like I've met her before. She now has a boyfriend, and it's not like she turned me down or anything, I was too slow to show my feelings and how much she meant to me. I spent too long on worrying about dating her than actually being her friend, which is why I now see her having a boyfriend as a good thing. But I really don't know if this relationship will last long or or, the guy is unpredictable, it's weird... he's quiet and nice but at other times loud and immature. It's weird also because it was her best friends ex boyfriend. I feel like I need to stay around, I feel like this guy's going to break her heart like all the boyfriends before him, but I don't know when and I don't know whether to move on. Should I wait for this girl?
Should I wait for her?
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