Did my ex cheat on me?

shortly after i broke up with him, my ex came out with a confession, that he had asked for nudes from a girl (he knows i have always been jealous of this girl) but it wasn't when we were together, it was one of the times when we were broke up. i accepted this and appreciated that he had told me. i wasn't too bothered because hey, why would it matter to me if it wasn't when we were together? why should i be bothered? but then my friend (who knows the girl he asked) text me, really mad that he had 'cheated on me'. i asked how he had cheated, she said 'what, you dont think that asking for nudes while he was with you counts as cheating?'... this really made me mad because he had clearly lied. i text the girl he asked and she said it was when me and him were together, and the girls othee friend, who she told on the day it happened, said it was when we were together too. these are two girls who have absolutely no reason to lie. he says theyre lying and he wouldn't ever cheat,
and when i confronted him about it he said he's going to kill himself and im giving him suicidal thoughts for not believing him. someone help me out because im really trapped in this.. tell me if im being an idiot with this
Did my ex cheat on me?
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