I don't know if my crush likes me back or not?

I have liked this guy for about a month now and I've known him for a total of 9 months, we aren't close at all and I mean AT ALL, we don't even talk outside of school. Although, I can't tell if he likes me or not. For a few months at the beginning of the school year he would always say "hey Megan" or smile at me when he'd pass me in the hall and sometimes he'd try to walk up to me and talk to me and I never did the same to him because we aren't close friends, but he did it to me.
He stares at me a lot too or he looks at me quickly then turns away and I've noticed that he doesn't do this with anybody else.
He told me he loves me when we barely talk, we only had 1 class together and it was a semester class.
He seen me while I was at the park and he waved at me and started running towards me.
He also seen me at the fair the other day and I was standing behind him in line and he turned around and he started talking to me and he did a handshake with me and he was with a close group of his friends too and about 5 seconds later he told me to ride a ride with him, he made me sit beside him, he made me hold hands with him, and he talked to me during the entire ride. My crush made a joke about us dating too & didn't pay attention to his friends while I was around him.

Can somebody help me out? I can't tell if he likes me or not and I don't want to tell him I like him because I am really afraid of rejection.
My crush does like me back
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I don't know if my crush likes me back or not?
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