Should I feel weird he didn't introduce me to his sister?

Yesterday I was at the guy's house who I've been seeing since last August, but only "really" dating since maybe Dec/Jan. His family apparently knows about me, and asks about me. But we haven't met yet.

However, yesterday while hanging out in his room. His sister came home. My guy told me she was home and he went to go say hi to her. He left me in the room and closed the door. Then after she went upstairs he came back to me and said "oh did you want to meet her?" And I said "did you want me too? Yeah I can meet her". And then he said to me "oh, it just seemed like whatever to you. But if she comes back down, I'll tell her what's up".

Then when I was leaving, I asked him "will she think badly of me for not saying hi?" And he said "oh no she won't, that was more on me than you". Then he added "but next time for sure. Maybe we can set something up". But, it didn't seem very genuine :/

he has told me "I just want to be 100% sure about this before I bring you into my life like that"

but the thing is, there never is 100% certainty. He's also an international student applying for citizenship.
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It didn't seem whatever to me. I was hoping he would bring her into his room and introduce me.

But I didn't want to be like "oh where is she. Let me say hi." Because he left and closed the door. So I got the idea he didn't want me to meet her...
Should I feel weird he didn't introduce me to his sister?
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