So I really like this guy. I need opinions?

So I have this friend and I've liked him for awhile now. I always get mixed signals from him and he will either talk to me or not at school. He always teases me and makes kind of mean comments but I can tell he's joking around. He doesn't talk that much to me in person (well just those small conversations and laughs in class) but when he'll text me after school and we will talk for awhile. He's always sweeter texting which I really like. He's talked to me about how his last relationship was and how he hates ruining friendships by starting to date that person, which had happened in his last one. So im afraid to even bring up how I feel about him. Should I keep it a secret or just go for it? I also don't want to make things awkward. Im also thinking maybe just wait and hang out with him more. But when ever we chill I can't help but feel this tenseness between us like maybe he likes me too. I don't know, opinions?
So I really like this guy. I need opinions?
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