Guys, when is a girl too "needy" for you?

I recently separated with my husband and have began dating someone new. We have been together for almost 2 months. The beginning was amazing, we talked daily for hours on end, video chatted, constantly wanted to hear from each other. As weeks went on this became rare. He texted me good morning every day but the texts became small talk. He stopped calling me and would call me every few weeks. A few weeks ago he told me he loves me. I didn't say it back, told him we're taking things slow. We live an hour apart and I visit him once or twice a week. Our connection is amazing in person. A week ago I asked him for a break. I told him I felt it's what we needed to figure things out and that he didn't seem interested in me anymore. He was hurt that I felt that way and continued to say He loved me and didn't want to take a very long break, maybe a few days. My friend who works with him asked him about how things were going with us yesterday, he said, "things are okay. We are on a break right now. She is too needy so we shall see how it goes." I'm utterly confused. How am I too needy if I never text him, always waiting on him to text first and I wait a few hours to respond. I never call him. I see him once a Week. How is that needy?
Guys, when is a girl too "needy" for you?
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