Bfs Instagram dms? Is this cheating?

The other day my boyfriend got a dm from a random girl telling him he is cute and what not. He messaged her back saying "thanks but I have a gf". She then asked if they could be friends and asked where he was from. He should me the messages and I wanted to mess with her and say "wherever you want me to be from mami"

she then replied saying "hahha but you have a girlfriend and you're calling me mami?"

he didn't reply to her and she kept messaging him every couple of days. She asked why he wasn't replying and he said "I don't talk much lol"

and sai "I'm shy and don't know what to say"

he showed me his replies. And I am just wondering why he didn't say from the getgo "my girlfriend sent you that message. I'm sorry".

Instead i felt he lead her on a little bit. He says he just thought it was funny and didn't have any bad intentions and told her from the beginning. He eventually sent her a message saying "that was my girlfriend who said that sorry haha"

I don't think he'd cheat on me. He told me "I just thought it was funny and didn't mean to lead her on. I didn't even reply to her previous messages. She just kept messaging me a lot at once".
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I was just doing it to be funny. I thought my boyfriend would reply "oh my girlfriend said that. I'm sorry". And leave it at that. But he kept lead her on a little.
Bfs Instagram dms? Is this cheating?
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