How to move on without Closure?

I fell in love with a friend,

I really thought she liked me, the way she talked, texted, laughed...

Anyhow I tried asking her out, and telling her I liked her but she didn't give me an answer...

We go to the same school,

I feel really hurt...

She puts her head down or to the side when I see her in the hall.

I texted her a couple weeks later saying, Are we cool, let's talk about things...

But she just said "things are fine, nothing to talk about :)"

and a few months later I tried in person but she just said she is "stressed out and that nothing is wrong"

It really sucks and hurts she does this to me, I feel like a horrible person for liking her and doing this to her... I've given her time,

I wish we could just talk about things, I know she doesn't want to date, and I see that I can't even talk to her, I deserve someone who can talk to me about things.

I just miss her, I don't want things to end on these bad awkward terms...

At least if we just had a heart to heart I feel like it would help me move on... I really know she liked me... and I don't know why she is acting this way.( She is Chinese if it matters, I'm Indian) We both live in the USA.
How to move on without Closure?
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