My story... Getting it off my chest?

I'll try to be as short as I can. Year and a half ago, I got to know a girl from my high school school, we went to different classes but same year, it was the third grade. We starterd talkibg and clicked, but she saw me only as a friend, as summer approached, she went out of country, wasn't able to talk, etc.. So we stopped gettibg in touch... Eventually, after six months, in November we started talking again, I asked her sth about school, some simple question, and we talked 6 straught hours until 5am... We went out again but it wasn't it for her... For me it definitely was. I accepted my fate, but still liked her, and she wasn't feeling it, but trusted me completely and thought of me as literally the best person in the world, she also said that in front of people we know as well as some of her bffs she knows a long time. Sooo, lately we've been hanging a lot, and I'm being more open as a person, and I thought that there is maybe a chance. But she told me that nothibg is going to happen, and that I shoukd be aware of that. Later, I told her, that i just like her, and can't be just her friend because it will exaust me, esoecially maybe seeing her with someone, I didn't sleep the whole night after I texted her that, and removed from my social accounts... She texted me later by SMS, she was sad, and surprised and full of emotions, so was I.. I sneaked out of my house in 4am and just started walking, I walked for 3 hours until dawn when i returned home... I haven't replied to her. I'm so broken and still like her.

I suffer deppresion through whole 2nd and 3rd year of High school, I'm better now but, I lacked confidence with her, you know she was a girl of my dreams man, who wouldn't be scared or sth like that. I'm just sad that I can't show her myself from before that period.

I know this wasn't well red, and thats because i don't really know what i want, except for her. And I'm really not well.
My story... Getting it off my chest?
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