Does this girl like me, or does she want nothing to do with me?

I've known this girl for about a year now and we were in the same Drama class in Grade 10. I'm in Grade 11 now and it's only recently that I've begun to talk to her again. She seems to shine to me and kind of like me because I can tell she get's a little nervous when I talk to her. She's very shy and I'm not really sure too much about her, to be honest. First, I asked her if she wanted to hang out at the break, but she changed the date and to be with one of her friends, so it would be the three of us. Regardless I still went and it went okay. The second time I asked her was if she wanted to chill on Monday, which at the time I asked her it was a Thursday. She is generally pretty busy so Monday is basically the only time I can ever talk to her. I asked her today - Monday - what time she wanted to chill today and she said she couldn't come and then she suggested next Monday: "Sorry I can't come today, how about next Monday?"

What do you think? Is it worth? I really like this girl. I think she's just nervous, but I need some others opinions and experience.

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I said "yeah sure np", and she replied with: "Cool see you then!!"
Does this girl like me, or does she want nothing to do with me?
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