Thoughts on How Girls Reject Guys Vs. How Guys Reject Girls?


I came across this interesting video showing reactions of girls and guys, and how they rejected the person approaching them. I was interested then, if both genders reject the same or differently.

According to the video, girls are much more harsh than guys in rejecting. However, you could argue that the girls were not good people (they looked really attractive, usually attractive means snobby). Or, maybe that girls feel more threatened than men. The comment section brought up good points how women can feel intimidated when a random guy approaches them, saying that they look cute. This makes sense: why would some random guy come up and say that and then ask for their number? They probably just want something, right?

But did they need to be that harsh? How about the guys? They all turned the girl downed politely, while saying she also was cute but went about their business. Thoughts on that? The comment section claimed that the guys just had girlfriends or something (from what I saw).

Of course, not all girls are that harsh. And not all guys would reject a girl like that either, but in your experience and opinion, what do you believe both do the most and why? Do girls have good reason to turn down a man harshly? There seems to be some good arguments as to why.

Keep in mind this is not just about girls, but also guys. Should guys turn down more harshly? What if they did? On average, do you think guys would accept the girl's offer and exchange numbers?
Thoughts on How Girls Reject Guys Vs. How Guys Reject Girls?
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