I just want to have fun dating, does this make me a bad person?

In middle school kids learn to be comfortable around a guy or girl. In high school kids learn the basics of dating and being comfortable around the other sex or the person they are interested in. I was overprotected I was never allowed to go to parties and I never dated so I missed out on what I call "training". I'm now 20 years old and trying to learn the basics of dating. On my first date I was so shy and embarrassed to eat in front of my date which I know is so middle school but I was sheltered. This guy and I went on a couple more dates and I stared to get more comfortable not only around him but I felt myself get more confident in talking with other guys. Recently I Started talking to this guy whom I know a little better already from mutual friends but still not that well. On our first date I was pretty calm and not so nervous but I know that I would never date him seriously I see him more as just a friend. I feel bad because I don't know if he like me more than friends and I don't want to lead him on but I also don't want to tell him I just see him as a friend because I feel like I can learn a lot on dating and socializing. So basically I'm trying to use him as a dating guinea pig to learn the basics of dating and learning to talk to guys. Does this make me a bad person? How did you learn the basics of interacting with a potential interest and socialize being completely yourself? I have noticed I'm never myself I tend to be shy and quite and i don't like that. Is using this guy to learn to be myself with guys wrong?
I just want to have fun dating, does this make me a bad person?
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