Just a fling?

been talking to this guy online for awhile. lots of flirting, incredibly long phone calls, all the fun stuff. we had plans to hang out, and before we did he told me with what's going on with his pregnant ex (not sure if its his) and her flipping out he doesn't want a relationship with anyone. well we ended up hanging out. spent the day together, went out to dinner, spent a few hours talking on the couch, ended up laying on his bed cuddling. actually ended up having sex. really great sex. I was really hesitant about it in a I really want to but the random casual thing isn't my style way. actually I said that. he responded that he knew that. whatever it happened. I've talked to him a few times since then (this was just Sunday that we hung out), he wanted to make sure I got home OK and we've had random stupid short conversations, all started by him.

so the question is, what are the odds it'll ever be more then a random casual thing? I know he digs my personality, and I know he has a lot going on in his life. I figure he's gotta be somewhat interested in me if he's still texting me?


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  • I think he dose like you and wants things to just flow ...understanding the situation with his ex just let it work its self out ,you know that he likes your personality and as you said the sex was really good what's not to want with you .But the whole the label of relationship will come eventually I think .. good luck:)


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