What should I do?

i really need some advice I know its long but its been bothering me for so long and I don't know what to do now I literally have sleepless night about it and its tearing me up inside.

well there is this one guy friend I've known since I was two we used to play a lot together etc and then we both moved away and lost contact until I was 12 then we started talking again and I started getting feelings for him and then two years later we lost contact AGAIN and now about two or so weeks ago me and him found each other on the net and have been speaking ever since and now that I've grown up a lot to how I was a few years ago I've noticed how much me and him have in common, me and him have realised it and we can't believe we can be so much alike and I am starting to gain feelings for him again, but the problem is.he lives in turkey and I live in a whole other country to him. now I don't know if he even has the same feelings for me or what's going to happen with us, because its practically impossible for us to be together and its eating me up inside like you can't believe what must I do?!

problem two!

now as you know I'm getting feelings for this friend of mine but now here is ANOTHER problem with ANOTHER guy! now I don't even know the guy I know his name but I don't actually know him. he's really sweet looking, he was my waiter twice @ a restaurant and he's cute and all and I kinda get this funny feeling when I see him but I have no idea what to do. I don't want to loose my chance of getting to know him but another problem is I don't know if he's even the slightest interested. when we were at the place and he was my waiter he kept blushing every time I spoke to him, and he would stutter and seem very shy, and I would always catch him staring, but I don't know! I reALLY want to meet him or talk to him or SOMETHING but I'm afraid that ill miss my chance he's really cute and he seems like such a nice guy but yet again. please help me I am freaking out here and its eating me up inside not knowing what to do. everyday I think of BOTH of them and I am just so confused. please if you finished reading all of this I thank you and I hope that you can try help.


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  • Regarding the guy in Turkey.

    If you like him enough, and he likes you enough, you can attempt a long long distance relationship, though at your age, keeping that up will be probably almost impossible. So, I'd not really try and make it work, but you can still try.

    Regarding the waiter. If he acted how you described he acted, then I don't think he'd have a problem hanging out with you after work or something like that. Just ask him if he wants to hang out some time, and have a phone number ready. If you're not going to talk to him, why worry about whether or not someone else picks him up? If you care THAT much that he might be snatched away, then talk to him, don't use him being snatched up as an excuse to not talk.

    It's really a standard, just do it. There's really no "special technique". I'd recommend just asking him if he wants to hang out, you don't have to ask him out on a date. Just ask if he wants to hang out. If he says no, then at least you won't spend the rest of your life wondering about the waiter in your teenage years.


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  • i think that it is really hard to date someone a couple hours away let alone a different country! its really up to you and just go with your gut. now about that guy that was your waiter. he really seems to like you. some of the things you said about him happened between me and I guy that everyone says likes me back. if he was staring he either thought you were cute or really ugly but I'm sure you aren't by the other signs. I would try and get to know this guy because it would be easier to be in a relationship with him than the guy in turkey.

    • Yeah I know I mean I want to work where he des but they don't need anybody at the moment but m so nervous to even go eat there, I get this funny feeling every time I see him its as if we have this moment but I'm afraid that he thinks I'm weird or something, my sister tells met that everytime i talk ohim he blushes so I don't really know, I am afraid to tak to him so HELLLPPP any tips on what to do what to say how to look!!

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    • EXACTLY!! sigh we seem to be going through the same problem here! well you should let me know how it goes with this guy. but how long have you actually known him? this guy I haven't even had a proper conversation with!! he's just been my waiter twice. and I get this funny feeling, sigh its so nerve wrecking seeing him and it gets so annoying! I'm trying to get a job where he works but so far, no luck....sigh...

    • And how is it that we can even send little hints when guys can be SOO slow!! I mean I don't want to be to forward and making myself look as if I'm obsessed or anything but I don't want to ruin my chances with him. I don't know anything about him and I want to know him. and then at least I know that this is someone I want to get to know further or if we have nothing at all in common. its so frustratin!!