He texted me out of the blue?

I used to like this guy a lot. We'd text on snapchat and we had an 80 day streak. He'd text me, and I'd text him. One day, he lost our streak and just stopped talking to me. He ignored my snapchats, but was still liking my photos on Instagram and watching my Snapchat story.

Today, I got a text from him that said "hey." I answered him back and we talked like nothing had happened, and he told me his weekend has been very boring. I told him I was very bored too. He then asked if I come to the area he lives a lot (I live about 15 minutes away)... I told him only when I go shopping and that I'd just gotten back from his area (which I had)

This is how the part of the conversation went:
Him: oh I was gonna see if we could chill since ur bored and so am I
Me: ah I wish I could😂 I was just there 15 minutes ago!
Him: damn 15 minutes late
Me: ya lol
Him: I could risk taking my parents car I have my G1
Me: ooh ya you do.. lucky I can't get mine till August 😂

As you can see, I kind of changed the topic. (I would have loved to hang with him, but my mom is so overprotective that she wouldn't allow it unless I lied and hung out with him after school or something)

So my question is, why do you think he suddenly texted me and asked me to hang out after not talking for so long?
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He texted me out of the blue?
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