I feel differently for my boyfriend after going on vacation?

I went on vacation to punta cana for about a week. There I went to a club nearly every night with my friends from home who came on the trip, and new friends I met there. I had a lot of fun, and met some really cool people. I got a lot of attention from guys (but turned them all down when they crossed boundaries and made it AWARE I had a bf). I thought of my boyfriend, but I wasn't consumed with thoughts of him like I am when I'm home. I didn't get much service so I couldn't text him that often. I thought to myself "is this what it will be like when I go to college?" Meeting all these people, having all these new experiences and not really feeling the need to text my boyfriend who I love a lot?"

so I came home Saturday, and I went over to his house. We sat in his room and talked, but I felt it was hard to connect with him. I felt a weird vibe from him and I just didn't feel as close to him.

The idea of breaking up crossed my mind a few times and it makes me cry so hard. I love him a lot, and I don't want to end things with him. But I feel disconnected. My feelings keep changing on me. One minute I'm certain I want him, the next, I am crying because I question the relationship.

We have been together since last August.
I feel differently for my boyfriend after going on vacation?
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