A guy whom I really like or A guy who likes me? Which guy should I focus on?

I (23 years old student) do not know what to do from now on.
GUY A (10 years older) - I have dated for three months. He said he thinks about me seriously and he is not interested in dating with someone. He introduced me to his friends, family and co-workers. We spend a lot of time together. However, when I asked about a relationship, he said he is not ready yet. I really like him, but we are in an argument now and I do not know if I should stick with him or not. (I think he still wants to be with me) Sometimes I feel that he just wants a girlfriend-ish.
GUY B (6 years older)- I did not put so much attention on him, but he wanted to go to date with me. When I got an argument (still arguing) with GUY A, he asked me out, so I went to dinner with him. Seems he is very gentle and sounds like he knows what he wants and told me that he does not play a game. I could imagine that he would treat me better than GUY A does.

Now my feeling for GUY A is stronger than for GUY B, but I could see that GUY B could give me what I want such as a serious, no game, and secure relationship. Because sometimes GUY A makes me insecure and cannot read what he really wants.
I really do not know which guy I should focus on, but most time people say "a woman can be happier when she is with a guy who likes you, not she likes a guy."
Can someone give me advices?
A guy whom I really like or A guy who likes me? Which guy should I focus on?
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