I got a McDonald's employee's number?

My last post was 3-4 days back. I've been talking to this cute McDonalds server. I got to know her name yesterday and today after I had my meal I approached her n said 'There was 1 item missing from my order'... she said 'Oh I'm sorry what was that'... I said 'Yes, your phone number'😂. She didn't get it at first but later found it funny n gave her number.
..& like in any other movie, I lost the paper and went back outside of mcd to look for it LOL. She was delivering an order there and told her number by herself when she spotted me 😂😂
I asked if I made her uncomfortable n she said Oh no you are fine Im just busy with the orders.

Any ideas on how I should proceed ahead with this?
I got a McDonald's employee's number?
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