Friends keep telling me I'm too pretty for him?

I'm honestly just an average looking girl. I'm currently dating a guy who's not conventionally attractive. He's skinny and super pale and he has this weird white boy haircut. I'm still physically attracted to him as I prefer someone who's goofy over someone who worries too much about being masculine.

Anyway lol back to the original point, my family and specially my friends discourage our relationship because I'm apparently too pretty to be dating a guy like him. I honestly don't get it because he's truly a great person, he's hard working and intelligent and really nice and above all I like him.

I've told my friends to stop that bullshit as it obviously upsets me but they keep coming back to that and can barely stop themselves from laughing when we're together. It annoys me but they're still my friends and I like them too so I don't know what to do. Advice is appreciated!
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Yeah I'm not gonna break up with him I just want advice on how to deal with my friends since I like them a lot and have a hard time making new ones... they're usually not so mean and I've asked them to stop seriously but that had no effect whatsoever
Friends keep telling me I'm too pretty for him?
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