Do you think polygamy should be legal?

I say yes..but child abuse...and if the girl is underage...of course not! but between consenting adults I think its totally okay. we should allow people to live however they wish.


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  • I think people should be able to marry more than one person if they choose to. The part that gets sticky is when cult-activity is involved.

    • Well I mean I think if you want to be a cult you should be able to...but its when the child abuse ns tuff gets involved that its bad..but living out in cloased community in the dessert I think should not be illegal

    • Cults tend to have a lot of unhealthy brainwashing, even for adults.

    • True but that's a hard thing to define...I mean soem would say going to the catholic church downt the block and being told ur drinking the blood of a 2 thousand year old god-man is crazt just like a bunch of people living out in the desert marrying multiple wives

  • I think polygamy for adults is okay, I mean who am I to say what is wrng or right for other people. Personally I a monogomous (SP?) relationship with one person is right for me.


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